Pour Over
(1)Start with a medium grind, adjust your grind size to hit the optimal brew time(2:30-3:30minutes)or grind finer until you feel it’s unpleasantly bitter, then go back one notch coarser on the grinder.
(2)Get your clean (filtered if you need it) brew water ready.
How much: recommended water temperature is 98℃, coffee/total brew water ratio is 15g/250g, brewing time is 2:30-3:30 minutes (pre-infusion time inclueded).
(3)Pre-heat your coffee server and the brewer beforehand. Set paper filter and add your grounds, dig the ground bed and create a swirl in the middle of the ground bed.
(4)Start your stopwatch and add just enough(3 times per your grounds weight) bloom water to wet all the grounds. Grab the brewer and begin to swirl in a circular motion(spin the brewer).Wait and bloom for up to 45 seconds.
(5)Pour the rest of brew water in 2 phases.Pour brew water continuously and gently in a circular motion to hit 60% of the total brew water weight within 15-20seconds, then spin the brewer(phase 1). Wait 20-30seconds then pour the rest of the brew water like phase1, spin the brewer(phase 2).
(6)Wait for the water to flow through completely.
see the collection below to try our brewing