Our roasting

We are always aiming to enhance the best possible brightness that we see as the terroir by the roast development. As we used to roast classical espresso coffees(especially blends) in the very beginning, we are trying to bring each coffees's potential sweetness to achieve omni roast. Every single batch is roasted by our roaster/founder, using CoffedSR5 classic drum roaster with a unique profile that is inspired by thousands batches of roasting experience in modern specialty coffee and classic espresso roasting, that especially focuses on drum rolling speed and airflow setting.

Our head brewer/cupper

She's from a country in the north Europe with several years of experience in Food and Beverage industry in both her country and Japan; mainly has been engaged in wine service. She is mainly working on cupping/quality control with her keen palate thanks to her experience in wine industry. Also working on brew guides, recipes and brewing review.

Our cupper/mixologist

He has been mainly engaged in mixology industry here in Japan with classic cocktails and several years of career as a barista. Currently has been engaged in cupping and unique coffee cocktail recipes.

Our aim in sourcing and roasting

We love all those delicious coffees yet we would say Apollon's Gold team is a big fan of micro climate: always trying our hardest to bring the best out of each terroir. We see that especially when the cultivar matches the land perfectly. Mainly sourcing bright washed coffees along side some delicate natural process coffees that would make the terroir shine. We are especially enthusiastic to source classic coffees (Brazil naturals, Costa Rica honey and most washed coffees) as we believe that those coffees would represent our roasting style and philosophy the best. Of course we are always looking to introduce some outstanding/competition style coffees from all over the world regardless of the processing and cultivar!